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26 November

How To Use This Blog

This blog was created as a resource to help Christians come to know God better through regular interaction with his Word.  It was born out of a desire to lead people not only to a saving faith in Jesus Christ, but to help them move ever deeper into the promised Eternal Life that is accessible to all people here and now.

This blog interacts with the Bible on a regular basis.  It is meant to help believers become more and more obedient to listening and responding to God in their lives.  We will not only be focusing on popular, well known passages, but we will seek to read through entire books of the Bible to more fully understand how the flow of writing has been persevered to help us more deeply know the God who created us.

Each regular blog entry is spilt up into 3 different categories:  the redeemed mind, the redeemed heart, and the redeemed life.  The first section seeks to unpack and explain the context of the passage.  This will address more intellectual and logical issues.  The second section will guide the reader through a contemplative reflection of what this passage means to a Christian living in this day and age.  This will attempt to bring us into a posture of worship in our hearts.  The final section will present the reader with tangible “challenges” that this particular passage invites us to live out on a daily basis.  This is the burden of the blog: to allow the Word of God to transform our lives into His most excellent workmanship.

To know about God is one thing, but to know God in relationship is wholly different.  My prayer is that this blog creates luminous saints, not stale theologians.

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