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17 February

Digital Tentmaking & Ministry

One of the realities of doing ministry is that for most, it just doesn’t pay well… or at all.

I’ll never forget my days in seminary when I have heard awesome men and women who have multiple Master’s and Doctoral degrees joking about how their pay was just a fraction of what they would be paid in the “real world”… And they were joyful about it!  I think that’s awesome!  These people modeled for me what it meant to walk that fine line of living sacrificially, yet not allowing that to damage their joy, freedom and responsibility.

I am blessed to get paid to do ministry.  The Portland Rescue Mission has been blessed with a generous donors who enable a handful of staff to be paid.  It is still mind-boggling to think that I get paid to do what I love.  But I really desire to be financially free to serve and volunteer without being a financial burden.

I created this blog for several reasons: a desire to grow and help others grow in the Lord, an outlet for creative juices, etc.  And along with that, I also have a desire to get financial support in order to pour myself out to help others more.  The historical roots of this desire goes all the way back to Biblical times.  In particular, the apostle Paul spoke about his business life (tent-making) as a means to provide for his ministry (preaching and teaching the Word of God).  Generation after generation have followed suit, using other skills and talents to raise money and support in order to provide ministry free of cost (See Acts 18:1-4)

The Redeemed Life is my form of digital tentmaking… like a modern-day version of using secular skills to support ministry.  My long-term goal is to be able to share the Gospel and cultivate faith in Jesus free of charge with no strings attached.

And as such, I do intent to share with you other ways that I produce alternate revenue streams to support real life while I pursue ministry.  Stay tuned and catch a glimpse of my digital tentmaking, penny-pinching, frugal life… And if you feel led, support me along the way!


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