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31 December

2013 & New Beginnings

I love New Year’s!  It has always represented a time for me to let go of negative things from the past year and look forward to something new… a clean slate, so to speak.  I love the idea that we get a chance to start over.  In reality, I know the only real difference that living in a new year makes is a numeric change of date on documents I work with and the position of the earth around the sun… but for me I find it a thrilling time to make firm resolutions to better myself, both physically and spiritually.  I think I also appreciate New Year’s because it reminds me of something very important about my relationship with God.

God does not bring up the junk from my past as we continue on in relationship.  He never brings up the broken promises, failed attempts, and abysmal efforts I have made to better myself and others around me.  My God is a God who puts away the filthy things of my past, and allows me the joy of starting over.  Even though I fail to forgive myself, God’s mercy for me is new every single day.  More than that, I am positive that His mercy and love through Jesus Christ covers my failure and shame on a moment by moment basis.  For me this means living a life free from the baggage of guilt, shame and fear.  For me, it means that there are limitless possibilities before me which God is more than happy to bestow.  For me, New Year’s is a time to live out the reality of my faith: I am free to live a life for God with no strings attached.

Dear friends, if you are in God’s family, I invite you to move into this new year in the reality that you are forgiven and loved.  There’s no good reason to keep fearing the skeletons in your closet and the hurts from former days.  There is no reason to move into a new season of life freed from the crippling diseases of guilt and shame.  If God sees you as clean, innocent and new, can you follow His lead and try to do the same?

Return, O wanderer, now return,

And seek thy Father’s face;

Those new desires which in thee burn

Were kindled by His grace.

Return, O wanderer, now return,

And wipe the falling tear:

Thy Father calls, – no longer mourn;

‘Tis love invites thee near.

-William Benco Collyer